Faxanadu Guitar Pedal


Faxanadu NES Game

Mantras and Wingboots await.


I actually thought it was a first party Nintendo game way back in the day, there were some similarities to Zelda II the Adventure of Link and you had to look really hard to find “Hudson Soft” anywhere on the box or instruction manual (it does say it on the opening screen).

I remember weird quippy elves, cool weapon/armor upgrades and some wild bosses:

Faxanadu NES

I used a Madbeanpedals.com Big Muff (Mudbunny) pcb  kit for the guts and a 1590dd pedal enclosure.  Covering is high quality uv-resistant arcade style vinyl.

It’s the first in a series, when I’m finished my pedal board is gonna look like a display case in the electronics section of Bradlees (or Caldors, or Ames, or Sears… pick your poison) circa 1988.