Ignitor Bass Guitar

Ignitor Style 5 String Fretless Bass

A long while ago on eBay I picked up a Carvin fretless five string neck-thru neck for a whopping 115 bucks (they are normally about $259). Next I managed to find a 5 string Schaller roller bridge for a whopping $45 on the ‘bay (normally $80 thanks Alex Pepiak of Lost Art Vintage). Finally I found a set of padauk covered Reed James five string jazz pickups on the ‘bay for $58 bucks …

Fifty … eight … bucks …

Ignitor Bass Guitar

Paint with Pearl gold ghost pearl over orange mixol.

I really, really felt like I stole those padauk covered pickups–especially since he sells wood covered pickups for $350 a set. They are stabilized and CNC machined I believe and best of all they sound mint as hell.

I guess I really *&%%&ing made out with this build, it’s my first fretless, it plays great, sounds great and you can swing it like an axe to kill and or grievously injure.

The wings on this bass are poplar that I sourced a while ago from Paul at Northstar Custom Tonewoods in NH, beautiful white clear poplar. The body shape mimics a B.C. Rich Ignitor–a somewhat rare guitar that is now only possible to acquire through their custom shop. I first saw this guitar on the sevenstring.org forums years ago, some people really liked it and some hated it. I kinda dig the shape, some say it looks like a dead sheep–but I see more of an arachnid, like a contorted assassin bug or something.

I finished this one with Minwax Polycrylic mixed with orange mixol, then I sprayed polycrylic laced with paintwithpearl.com ghost pearl over that for a gold metallic effect. It shines a brilliant gold in the sunlight but looks way more orange where it’s not reflecting. I went volume/volume for the controls and the little button between the knobs is a killswitch.

Ignitor 5 String Bass Guitar

Gleaming in the sun.