Super Mario La Fontanero Cabronita

   My first scratch-built parts guitar sucked. It consisted of a SX tele neck bolted to a ridiculously heavy hunk of baseball bat/boat anchor northern ash. This Mario inspired creation was my second and miles better: Japanese Allparts neck on an incredibly light swamp ash body sourced from a podunk in Georgia. I cut and shaped the body myself this time and bought the neck. I have made a few guitars since from good swamp ash and nothing compares to how feather-light this material was. This wood cut so easily, like weak Home Depot shit-pine. Modeled after a Fender La Cabronita and dyed with Homestead Transfast Cardinal Red. After twenty-five coats of Tru Oil I installed a lone Bareknuckle Aftermath bridge pickup for industrial metallic tonal devastation that could warm the slick black heart of a Chain Chomp.