Fallout Les Paul S.P.E.C.I.A.L.

    I bought this guitar as a one hundred and fifty dollar cheap, unfinished Guitar Fetish Les Paul copy and turned it into a pile of Fallout goodness. The wood is some sort of mahogany, cool thing is it’s very light for a LP. The inlays are plastic, the fretwork was just OK, the flame veneer top was impossible to smooth over ( I should have just stripped it off…) … but … I love this guitar. It plays and sounds wonderful. Some of that goodness might have to do with the MULE humbucker set from Bareknuckle pickups–kind of like lipstick on a mole rat?

    For the body I sprayed metallic dark steel Rustoleum over the top, then sanded it back some, then applied custom waterslide decals. Next, I used a little Modern Masters iron and copper along with their respective rust and patina activators. Finally I covered the whole thing in about ten coats of Tru Oil and I’m very happy with the result. I started with uncovered pickups and added no-holes pickup covers from Philadelphia Luthier Tools, then applied waterslide decals followed by clear epoxy. Since just about every piece of metal on the guitar is nickel plated I was able to use vinegar fumes to age and patina the parts. The headstock has custom metal adhesives that I discovered on TDPRI and I also covered these in Tru Oil. The metal stickers were thick so I didn’t embed them fully, just covered enough to secure. Dice were custom from Chessex. Aided by the power of Bareknuckle Mule pickups, this guitar emits more crushing and vociferous tunage than any Vault-Tec salesman could hope to emit.